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Welcome to

Welcome to

Disclaimer: This website is not in any way officially related to the GNU project!

The name was chosen by me after first running into, and I thought it's cool, but GNU is even cooler than perl ;)

What is is a platform intended for people committed to development of Free Software, released under Free Software licenses such as the GNU GPL.

This platform was built and is operated by LaForge.

If you have a Free Software project which you want to host in a non-commercial non-for-profit environment, can provide you with webspace, FTP-Server, Mailinglists, Newsserver, IMAP-Accounts, SVN, and GIT.

What projects are currently hosted at

Most of the projects are now kept in their own virtual or real machines, each having their own set of git repositories, etc. Some older/smaller stuff can be found in the Subversion (svn) repository. The CVS server has been shut down after all projects moved.

Presentations / Slides / Papers of LaForge

If you are looking for papers/slides of presentations LaForge has given at various conferences, follow this link to the git repository.

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